Startups’ Services

We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of startups. From business planning and strategy development to branding and marketing, we can help you launch your startup and take it to the next level.

Public Relations

Building relationships with media outlets and influencers to generate positive media coverage and buzz around the startup's products or services.

Investor Relations

Developing a comprehensive investor relations strategy that communicates the startup's vision, growth potential, and financial performance to potential investors and stakeholders.

Market research

Conducting market research to help startups understand the UK market, identify opportunities, and assess competition.

Business registration and legal compliance

Assisting startups with registering their business in the UK and ensuring legal compliance with local regulations and requirements.

Business strategy:

Developing a comprehensive business strategy that outlines key objectives, target audiences, tactics, and metrics to guide the startup's expansion efforts and achieve their business goals.

Market entry strategy:

Developing a market entry strategy that identifies the best approach for the startup to enter the UK market, whether it be through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, or establishing a local presence.

Marketing and brand development:

Developing and executing marketing strategies that effectively communicate the startup's message, showcase its products or services, and build brand awareness and loyalty in the UK market.

Talent acquisition:

Assisting startups with recruiting and hiring top talent in the UK, including navigating local labour laws and identifying candidates with the necessary skills and experience.

Financial planning and funding:

Assisting startups with financial planning, including budgeting, forecasting, and securing funding from investors or financial institutions.

Networking and partnerships:

Building relationships with local industry leaders, organisations, and partners to help startups establish a strong presence in the UK market.

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